Plan To Distribute Seeds As A Symbolic Gesture At Your Funeral

Whether you're someone who enjoys gardening or is simply always in favor of giving, it's nice to put together plans to distribute seeds at your funeral. Funeral planning beforehand allows you to come up with a number of personalized ideas that your family members and staff at the funeral home can implement after your passing. Although funeral attendees don't typically attend funerals with the expectation of taking something away, you can expect that they'll appreciate the gift of plant seeds. Read More 

Ways To Incorporate The American Flag Into A Veteran’s Funeral

Funerals for veterans customarily have a high degree of patriotism. If you have a family member who served the nation as a member of the armed forces and has recently passed away, you may be planning a veteran's funeral. There are many ways that you can approach this. Some people ask that other members of the military who will be attending do so in uniform, for example, while having a bugle player is also common. Read More 

Three Ways To Use A Cremation Capsule

Instead of picking out an urn to hold the cremated remains of a deceased family member, you might wish to select one or more cremation capsules instead. These containers are available in several styles and sizes, but you'll commonly find that they're round and long, not unlike a cigar tube in some manners. Cremation capsules are available in different materials, and you can even have them engraved with the name of your late loved one and perhaps a message or slogan of remembrance. Read More 

Understanding Direct Cremation: Four Things To Know

Choosing cremation for your loved one is a deeply personal choice that may be based on his or her wishes or based on your family's traditions. You can choose between traditional cremation, which typically involves holding a wake and funeral service before cremation is performed, or direct cremation. If you are unsure about how direct cremation works, here are a few things you should know before making a decision. Timing Read More 

Messages To Engrave On The Grave Marker Of A Deceased Atheist

If a close family member has passed away without preplanning his or her funeral, you may be responsible for taking care of many of the arrangements. One such arrangement is to choose the memorial grave marker that will sit in the cemetery. There are several things to consider when you choose a headstone, include the size, shape, and color. Once you've selected it, your next priority is to come up with what it will say. Read More