Messages To Engrave On The Grave Marker Of A Deceased Atheist

If a close family member has passed away without preplanning his or her funeral, you may be responsible for taking care of many of the arrangements. One such arrangement is to choose the memorial grave marker that will sit in the cemetery. There are several things to consider when you choose a headstone, include the size, shape, and color. Once you've selected it, your next priority is to come up with what it will say. While details about the person are common, many people also include a scripture verse or some other similar sentiment. However, if the person was an atheist, this isn't an approach that you'll want to take. Phrases such as "Home with God" and "Resting in Heaven" won't be suitable. Here are some messages that can be suitable instead.

"A Beloved Family Member"

The person's lack of religion doesn't mean that he or she wasn't a devoted and much-loved member of your family, so instead of including a religious verse on the headstone, focus on this fact instead. Noting that the person was a beloved family member clearly illustrates the considerable role that he or she had to those around him or her, which is likely one of the ways that the person would wish to be remembered.

"Never Forgotten"

While some people include headstone slogans such as "In a better place" and other sentiments that reflect religious beliefs, this isn't the approach that you want to take when you're planning a headstone design for an atheist. Instead, simply focus on the void that will be in the lives of the people who were close to this person after his or her passing. One sentiment to think about is the idea that the person won't be forgotten — this idea doesn't have any religious overtones, so it's something that will adequately honor the life of the deceased.

"Alive In Our Hearts"

Including the above message on the atheist's headstone is a pleasant sentiment that honors this person's belief system and also can satisfy you. For example, you might wish to think that you'll meet the person again in heaven, but if he or she didn't believe in an afterlife, you don't want to include a sentiment such as "Until we meet again." However, by writing "Alive in our hearts," you're sending a message that the person's memory is staying alive within you, which is something that can be appropriate in this situation.

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