Plan To Distribute Seeds As A Symbolic Gesture At Your Funeral

Whether you're someone who enjoys gardening or is simply always in favor of giving, it's nice to put together plans to distribute seeds at your funeral. Funeral planning beforehand allows you to come up with a number of personalized ideas that your family members and staff at the funeral home can implement after your passing. Although funeral attendees don't typically attend funerals with the expectation of taking something away, you can expect that they'll appreciate the gift of plant seeds. Here are some considerations for approaching this idea.

Choose The Right Seeds

When it comes to choosing seeds that can be given out at your funeral service, the good news is that you can select anything. Typically, people will look for seeds of plants that they've always enjoyed. For example, if you enjoy the fragrance and the soft look of lily of the valley, you can select this type of feed. If you're a free-spirited person who favors the look of wildflowers, many garden centers sell wildflower seed packets. Perhaps you don't really have a favorite plant. That's OK, too — just choose something that appeals to you and that is readily available.

Repackage The Seeds

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with giving out the seed packages that you bought, many people favor repackaging the seeds into custom envelopes. You don't have to do this yourself. If you're preplanning your funeral because you're ill and don't have the stamina for such a project, express your wishes and your family members will take care of this task. Typically, it's ideal to choose small envelopes that are approximately the same size as seed envelopes, and then have them printed with your name, photo, the name of the seeds, and a brief message such as, "Please plant these seeds to bring some beauty to your life."

Distribute Them

There are a couple ways that your seed packages can be distributed at the funeral home. It's nice for your ushers to carry the packages and hand them out to each family that arrives. Alternatively, you might wish to have them available at the graveside for those who travel to the cemetery to attend your burial service. Leaving the seed packages in a basket, perhaps on the same table as the guest book, can also be a good idea. In this case, it's worthwhile to have someone make an announcement about the seed packages and encourage a member of each family to take one.