Three Ways To Use A Cremation Capsule

Instead of picking out an urn to hold the cremated remains of a deceased family member, you might wish to select one or more cremation capsules instead. These containers are available in several styles and sizes, but you'll commonly find that they're round and long, not unlike a cigar tube in some manners. Cremation capsules are available in different materials, and you can even have them engraved with the name of your late loved one and perhaps a message or slogan of remembrance. Here are three different ways that you can use a cremation capsule.

For Scattering The Cremated Remains

If you've decided that you'll scatter the cremated remains somewhere in nature, you may wish to consider a series of cremation capsules. Many people take this approach, as each capsule can be filled with a small portion of the remains. You can then give one cremation capsule to each of your family members, and he or she can scatter the remains. This is easier than passing around a heavy urn and asking each family member to scatter a small percentage of the urn's contents; this can lead to someone accidentally dropping the urn or emptying it entirely. When you use cremation capsules, the latter won't be an issue.

For Keeping With Family Members

Urns are ideal for holding cremated remains if you wish to keep them in your home, but you can alternatively use cremation capsules for this job. Although some people may opt for a cremation capsule placed on a mantle or elsewhere, individual family members may prefer to keep their own capsule somewhere in a private area, such as in their dresser. This is ideal for those who may not wish to display the container that holds their loved one's remains, but still want to keep it nearby.

For Wearing As Jewelry

Although you'd be unlikely to wear a larger cremation capsule as a piece of jewelry, capsules that are smaller are suitable for this use. In fact, smaller cremation capsules are often equipped with a metal loop at one end that will allow you to slide a necklace chain through to turn the capsule into a piece of jewelry that you can wear. You may wish to wear this memento with you at all times, or perhaps just don it on significant dates, such as the anniversary of the person's death or his or her birthday each year.