Ways To Incorporate The American Flag Into A Veteran’s Funeral

Funerals for veterans customarily have a high degree of patriotism. If you have a family member who served the nation as a member of the armed forces and has recently passed away, you may be planning a veteran's funeral. There are many ways that you can approach this. Some people ask that other members of the military who will be attending do so in uniform, for example, while having a bugle player is also common. It's customary for the casket of the deceased to be draped in an American flag, which is then crisply folded and handed to the surviving family members. If you're eager for the red, white, and blue to play a key role beyond the flag on the casket, here are some ideas.

Distribute Lapel Ribbons

One way to incorporate the colors of the American flag into the veteran's funeral that you're helping to organize is to prepare red, white, and blue lapel ribbons that you can hand out as people arrive at the funeral. Many companies make such items, and a simple length of ribbon in these patriotic colors, pinned to each person's lapel, helps to make him or her feel like a key member of the funeral service — and easily boosts the patriotic feeling. For a personal touch, consider having the name of the deceased and his or her birth year and death year printed onto the ribbons.

Choose The Right Wreaths

Floral arrangements and wreaths are common at many funerals. At a veteran's funeral service, you can ensure that any flowers that are present pay tribute to the colors of the American flag. Many florists can put together arrangements with flowers in red, white, and blue, and may also wrap the arrangements or wreaths in ribbons that support these patriotic colors. A wreath made of white and red flowers, with blue ribbon accents, for example, can create a powerful image at the veteran's funeral.

Place Small Flags On Each Seat

It's common to place funeral programs on each seat before the attendees arrive, but you can go a step further to instill a patriotic feeling among those in attendance. In addition to the funeral program, leave a small American flag on each seat. You can then specify in the program how you want people to use the flags. For example, you might ask that everyone holds his or her flag high when the person's casket is carried out of the funeral home.

You may also wish to speak to local funeral homes about veterans funeral packages.