Buying An Urn For Your Cremated Loved One

When you have a loved one cremated, the urn you choose is critical. This container provides a final resting place for the ashes of your loved one, and it is understandable to want to select the perfect urn to hold your loved one's remains.

Types Of Cremation Urns

When preparing to cremate a loved one, you might be surprised at the variety of available urns. In addition to traditional urns, modern crematoriums can provide various specialized options. For example, biodegradable urns are a common choice for those concerned about the environment. These urns gradually break down, which returns the ashes to the soil. Companion urns are another option. This style of urn is more than large enough to hold the remains of two people. This can be a useful option for couples that wish to remain together after death.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Urn

The style of the urn is an important factor, but it is not the only factor to consider before choosing an urn. You must also review the urn's size to ensure it will fit in the mausoleum or other area where you plan to keep it. Luckily, cemeteries with mausoleums can provide accurate measurements of the dimensions. This can avoid situations where you have difficulty safely loading the urn into it.

Personalization And Customization

Choosing an urn can also give you a chance to personalize and customize it to reflect the interests of your loved one. An example of this could be engraving or etching messages and other information into the exterior of the urn. Others may choose a fully customized urn. These urns may have pictures and other artwork added to them. If you want a custom-made urn, you may need to use a temporary urn until it is ready. Depending on the complexity of the design, this could take several weeks.

Scattering And Other Options

Scattering the ashes is one solution that people may want for their remains. This can allow their final resting place to be somewhere that is emotionally important to them. Additionally, other options for the remains are available. For example, some individuals may choose to have memorial jewelry made. These are jewelry pieces that have small amounts of ash in them. Commemorative artwork is another option to consider. These artworks may utilize the ashes in the pigments. As a result, this is a popular option for those wanting a portrait of their loved one painted to commemorate their life. 

For more information about cremation, contact a local funeral home.