2 Ways You Can Hold a Memorial Service When You Wish to Be Cremated

If you have decided that you wish to preplan your own funeral to help alleviate the burden from your family, you may have decided that you wish to be cremated. However, you may be wondering what you can do when it comes to having a memorial service since you will not have a burial. If so, there are a couple of ways that you can still hold a service when cremation is your chosen option. Read More 

Planning A Funeral And Paying Respects During The Pandemic

As the death toll of COVID-19 grows, the question remains as to the best way to plan funerals and pay respects during this unprecedented time. So far, an estimated 102,000 people have died in this country due to the coronavirus and the number continues to rise. With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in many regions, how do loved ones honor their loved ones that have died in a respectful and safe way? Read More 

3 Ways To Personalize A Funeral Service

A modern-day funeral service doesn't need to feel like a dry church sermon. A funeral service should be a personalized experience that speaks to the individual who passed away, and that provides comfort and healing to those who are attending the funeral. There are many different ways to personalize a funeral service.  Talk With the Funeral Director If you are hiring someone to run the service for your loved one, you want to make sure that they are putting together a service that reflects your loved one. Read More 

View The Body, Or Not View The Body? That Is The Cremation Question

Cremation funeral services still provide families with choices. This may surprise you if you thought that a cremation was just a cremation followed by a religious service. One of the biggest choices that any crematorium and funeral home offers those choosing cremation is whether or not there will be a viewing of the body. Here is the how, when, and why of this choice.   How the Choice Is Made If the body of the deceased has been too badly marred or it has decomposed past recognition, a cremation is imminent anyway. Read More 

Saying Goodbye to a Loved One: 3 Situations in Which to Consider Cremation

The passing of a loved one is something that every family faces at some point. But even though death is a certainty, it is always a shock when it occurs, especially if the deceased died without leaving instructions for their final arrangements. Then, in addition to dealing with their own grief, those left behind must also try to create a final farewell that is worthy of their loved one while also meeting more practical needs, such as those relating to cost or time issues. Read More