2 Ways You Can Hold a Memorial Service When You Wish to Be Cremated

If you have decided that you wish to preplan your own funeral to help alleviate the burden from your family, you may have decided that you wish to be cremated. However, you may be wondering what you can do when it comes to having a memorial service since you will not have a burial. If so, there are a couple of ways that you can still hold a service when cremation is your chosen option.

1. Have a Traditional Viewing Before Being Cremated

Since you are planning on being cremated after you have passed away, you may feel that a traditional memorial service is no longer an option. However, it is still possible for you to have such a service if you make preparations that it be held before you are cremated.

When speaking with the funeral director, let them know that you wish to have a viewing and service before the cremation occurs. Ask them about your options for renting a coffin that will only be used for the service without the need for a vault. They can then show you several styles so that you can choose one that fits your personality and budget.

2. Plan on a Pictorial Memorial after Cremation

If you prefer not to have a traditional or wish to not be embalmed for the service, you can opt-out of having a viewing altogether. Instead, you can make arrangements to have the memorial after you have been cremated.

For this type of memorial, you can select pictures of favorite times in your life that can be displayed as a collage. Invite friends and family to bring in their own pictures or albums to share their favorite memories of your times together. These pictures can be set around your urn if you wish to have the remains present. You can also select videos or your preferred music tracks to be played in the background. Small touches such as this can allow the visitors to celebrate happy memories of you even if your mortal remains are not present at the memorial service.

If you are setting up your final wishes and wish to be cremated, there are ways that you can allow your friends and family to celebrate your life and say their good-byes. Speak with the director at a funeral home that offers cremation services to discuss the options available to you while making your arrangements.