3 Times When Pre-Arranging Funeral Arrangements Is The Best Plan

Planning for your own funeral or that of someone close to you can be a very difficult task while you are still young and healthy. For many, any thought of death is extremely unsettling, even though there is no question that it will be the eventual fate of every human.

It is important, however, to realize that those who you will leave behind when you pass will also experience feelings that may be even more unsettling, should they be required to make your funeral arrangements while in the midst of grieving your loss. In addition to avoiding discomfort for your loved ones at the time of your death, pre-arranging your own funeral can help you avoid other issues, such as the ones listed below. 

1. Pre-arrangement can help relieve financial stress

An unexpected death can create a time of financial stress that can be difficult for many families to get through. This is true even in cases where insurance policies and other funds will be available in the weeks and months after the death. Since the funeral expenses are often due within days or weeks of the actual death, taking the initiative to pre-arrange and pre-pay for your funeral arrangements will prevent financial stress from making your loss into a difficult financial situation for your loved ones to overcome.

2. Pre-arrangement can ensure the deceased's wishes are honored

Another reason to choose to pre-arrange your own funeral is to ensure that your exact wishes are honored regarding many very personal choices, including: 

  • your choice of cremation or burial
  • your choice of final resting place for your ashes or your body 
  • your choice of the type, style, and price of coffin and vault, if burial is chosen

Instead of depending upon your loved ones to remember and follow your instructions after your death, pre-arrangement can more easily ensure that every detail will be handled as you wish. 

3. Pre-arrangement is an excellent option for divorced spouses

If you divorced and have not remarried, you may wish to prevent burdening your former spouse or your children with making your funeral arrangements at the time of your death. Opting to pre-arrange a funeral will ensure that both are spared this difficult task. 

To learn more about the pre-arrangement process, including prepayment of your final expenses, make an appointment to discuss your situation and expected needs with a trusted funeral home director in your area. These professionals understand the concerns people have with regards to their final arrangements and prepayment plans. 

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