3 Reasons To Have 3 Funeral Directors For Your Funeral Home

Creating a helpful and respectful environment is the number one focus of any funeral home. Funerals tend to take place immediately after a death. This means that the family will still be in the first stages of grief when you are dealing with funeral planning. To help with funeral planning, your funeral home will need to have a funeral director available for the family and friends. Some funeral homes will have one director and a number of employees., Here are three reasons why you should have three funeral directors to help with funeral planning at your home. 

1. There will be a personality for each family

Though all funeral home directors will need to be respectful and at ease dealing with death and sorrow, just like people, directors can also have their own personality type. Different families all have their own personal dynamics, so one funeral director in particular may work best with the entire family. Having several funeral directors who can operate all functions of the business will make planning and executing funerals much easier. 

2. More directors mean business never stops

The funeral business is a 24/7 business. Since people die daily or people pre-plan funerals regularly, someone will need to be working at all times. With several funeral directors in one funeral home, you are assured that a director with complete business access is on site to handle all problems. With three directors you can split the funeral business into shifts, keeping your funeral home open on a 24-hour basis. This will allow for funerals or wakes at all hours and accommodate those who have alternative wake hours and lifestyles.

3. Directors can have further contacts around the city

Funeral homes can get business from customers who specifically pre-plan at their facilities, families in the area coming to see them, or hospital referrals. With more directors, your funeral home will be able to spread out to different parts of the city to make more contacts. Three funeral directors will be able to divide up the parts of the city and introduce and market their funeral home in person and via email or internet marketing. For funeral homes who offer pre-paid and pre-planned services, having directors go on meet and greets or plan out seminars for funeral planning can drum up more business. All three funeral directors can divide up the responsibility so that everyone gets face time and proper connections. 

For more information, contact your local funeral service director.