2 Kinds Of Gravestones You Can Choose From

After you have lost a loved one and they have been buried, there is still at least one more thing that you are going to need to do. That's to choose a headstone to place on the grave. There are a number of kinds of headstones that you can choose from. There are some things that may limit your choices when it comes to which headstone that you can use. For example, the cemetery may have rules about what kind of headstone you can use and what size it can be. Some cemeteries require you to use a flat gravestone so that they are able to mow over it easily. 

1. Flat Gravestones

Flat gravestones are generally made out of granite or metal. That doesn't mean that you won't see other materials used in them. They can be single markers or double markers. A double marker would be used for family members who are buried next to each other, such as a husband and a wife. One benefit to using a double headstone is that you only have to pay for the marker once. The first person can have their information put on there and the second person can have the majority of their information placed at the same time, and then once they die, the rest of their information, like date of death or any epitaph, can be added at that time. That's generally a much simpler procedure and much less expensive than buying a new headstone. Cemeteries tend to like them because the flat gravestones make maintenance easier and generally make the landscaping calmer and more peaceful. 

2. Memorial Stones

A memorial stone is basically the complete opposite of the unobtrusive flat headstone. These stones are often large and draw attention. It can be anything from a statue to a bench to a shaped headstone. For example, you may choose to have an angel statue placed on your loved one's grave, with their name and information engraved on it. Some cemeteries will have sections where they allow memorial stones, but the plots in that area may cost more since there is going to be more work on their part to make sure that the cemetery looks nice and tidy. 

If you have lost a loved one, you want to make sure that you find the right gravestone to mark their life and their grave. There are a variety of choices out there you can use.