Steps To Take When Arranging A Cremation

While alive, many people express whether they would like to be buried or cremated after their passing. This information is typically included in their estate planning documents, but people often also make their wishes known verbally to family and close friends. If you're in charge of the final arrangements for a loved one who wanted to be cremated, you may not know what to do or what to expect. Take the following tips to arrange for a cremation:

Select a Cremation Service Provider

In some cases, a person may pre-pay their final expenses and cremation cases in life. If this is what your loved one has done, it should me outlined in his or her will, and a contract with a funeral home or cremation services provider should be included in the estate planning materials. When cremation has not been pre-paid and your loved one has not mentioned a specific funeral home or cremation service provider, compare local options, like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, to see which company offers the services that you need, has a price that fits in your budget, and has a convenient location.

Plan a Memorial Service/Funeral

Most families hold a memorial service or a funeral before a deceased love one is cremated. Working with a funeral director can make the planning process much easier. If you want to hold the memorial service/funeral in a church, contact your preferred church directly to make arrangements. When planning a funeral or memorial service, a funeral director can help you choose a date and time. Funeral homes also offer other services, such as memorial cards, flowers, and guest books.

Purchase a Casket or Container

The majority of crematories mandate that a body must be in a rigid container prior to being cremated. This container can vary from a heavy-duty cardboard coffin to a custom casket. It is important to note that the use of a casket is not necessary during cremation, and buying a casket costs substantially more than purchasing a simple cardboard or wood container. If you are planning on having a viewing before the funeral/memorial service, you can rent a casket from the funeral home and then have your loved one transferred to a different container for cremation.

Make Arrangements for the Remains

After the cremation is completed, the crematory will return your loved one's ashes to you. Many people choose to place the ashes in a beautiful urn that is kept by a family member. Others decide to have the cremains interred in a vault at a cemetery. Another option is to scatter the ashes--most people who do this choose a location that was special to their deceased loved one.