Helpful Details To Include When Writing A Funeral Program

Although not mandatory, offering a program to those who attend your loved one's funeral can be helpful. After the passing of a family member, you'll often find yourself performing a wide range of duties in cooperation with staff at the funeral home. The staff will be able to put together a program, have many copies printed, and have the programs available for people to pick up when they attend the service. However, you'll need to have some input as to the material that is included in the program. Beyond the basic information, such as the name of the deceased and his or her dates of birth and death, here are some other helpful details that you can include.

Names Of Speakers

If you're planning to have several people speak at the funeral, it's useful to include their names in the order in which they appear. This information can help attendees keep track of the service, as well as know exactly who is speaking. Typically, you'll want to include not only each person's name, but also some information about how he or she is contributing. For example, you could write "eulogy" beside one person's name and the chapter and verse of a piece of scripture beside another person's name.

Message To The Attendees

If you really want to personalize the funeral program, you might wish to include a short message to the attendees from your family. You could briefly write about how you've appreciated the countless phone calls, text messages, and emails of support since your family member has passed away, for example. Or, if the funeral service will have a unique spin, you could share this detail in the program. For example, you could write how your deceased loved one wanted the event to be uplifting, so you'll be playing some fun family videos midway through the service.

Information About Donations

Many people who attend funerals want to make a donation to an appropriate charity in honor of the person who has passed away. You'll make this process easier for everyone if you provide these details in the program. For example, you'll just need to list the name of the charity and any other applicable information, such as a phone number or website. You can also write a short sentence that lets people know that they can feel free to make a donation in the deceased person's name to this charity that was close to his or her heart.

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